Here's What Credit Industry Experts Have to Say About Daniel Sater C.C.E.CFP

It's great to have many glowing recommendation from clients...but a true credit expert gets recommended by his peers too!

Hi Dan, I was impressed with your interview with Greg Frost, You "GET" credit scoring

Edward Jamison, Esq. (Noted Credit Restoration Attorney)   CreditCRM

Just listening to your information on credit scoring and optimization - and it all sounds fantastic and the more education, the better.  And as someone who just left the credit reporting industry after 20 plus years in various sales/mgmt positions with Experian and Fair Isaac, I'd have to say you are the first person in this industry (or others) who truly "gets it" when it comes to credit scoring and credit. I have to admit that after many years in the bureau business I was a bit skeptical at first glance, but upon hearing your presentation, I was very impressed! 

Bobby McBride (former Fair Isaac and Experian manager)   360 Mortgage Group

"I've read many books and have invested thousands of dollars to get trained on credit scoring, credit reporting and credit repair to know when I'm talking to someone who knows the few secrets in the credit scoring world and those who just pretend. There are few who know what Daniel knows and even fewer who are willing to talk about it. When Daniel speaks I shut up and listen, because I'm about to learn something."    (LinkedIn Recommendation)

Ryan S Nickel  ryan@creditanddivorce.net    November 14, 2008

Dear Daniel,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
 "I met Dan as an affiliate of CreditCRM. I was so impressed with Dan's knowledge of the credit industry that I asked if he could mentor me. Working with Dan, has allowed me to tap in to his vast understanding of FICO credit scoring, laws governing consumer credit rights and his past mortgage experience which has allowed me to give a higher lever of service to my clients. I appreciate Dan as a "Trusted Advisor" and I recommend him highly."

Sean Clemens - Peak Credit Solutions Inc.



Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I finally have a credit score above 580. I almost passed out after the car dealer told me my score is a 708. First step the car, next step a house.


My name is Meghan Horrigan.  My husband John I recently signed on with Daniel Sater to take care of a few negative reports on our Credit Report.  We were a bit hesitant at first, but the results were fast, successful and truly amazing to us!

Daniel and his assistant, Kathy, made themselves readily available through phone calls and emails.  They answered our questions in depth and even spoke about manners which we had not hired them to work on.  We were truly impressed with their work and as Daniel himself said, “he does not like to lose”.  He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough and made an impactful difference on our financial situation.

I would definitely hire Daniel again for any additional credit matters and certainly advise someone who has similar issues to contact Daniel for his outstanding and professional services.  -- Meg

I have never ever met such a knowledgeable, attentive, and personable person and company then Dan and his team at Credit Scoring Advisor.

 I’m still blown away by the genuine care that they took with me. I was looking to buy a home and my credit was below 450! yup…  Dan and Kathy always took every single one of my calls and believe me I called a lot! , and never ever did they answer in disgust. Dan has a real passion for what he does and he expresses his feelings that he has towards these credit agencies who tries to bully us with phone calls and letters.  He explains every single aspect of the process that you will be going through from start to finish and Kathy will always email or call you to check up on you. You will never be left wondering, what should I do next?

 I never had to pay out any money to those creditors; I only paid one flat fee to Dan for his services and not a penny more.

 Dan erases your bad credit by targeting these agencies and calling them out on their scare tactics that they use against us. He is unbelievably knowledgeable. Dan is sometimes, ok, all the time hard to get off the phone. LOL - sorry Dan : ) But its only because he's really passionate and loves what he does.

 So if you’re looking for a real genuine company that truly cares and loves what they do then I really cannot think of anyone better then Dan and his team! -- Vincent Valenti 

Dan has been helping me repair my credit over the past year. Not only were my expectations exceeded and my ending results turn out way above expected, the customer service I experienced from Dan and his team was outstanding. Dan was prompt to respond VIA email and phone to all of my questions and concerns. He was sensitive to my personal information, educated me patiently in lay-man's terms so I could understand what was going on, and he went above and beyond to make sure I had the best results possible. I was just approved for a loan to buy my first home. Thank you Credit Scoring Advisors!

Adam Izsak     8/22/14

From: bronxjanine1@aol.com

Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 7:44 AM

To: dan@CreditScoringAdvisor.com
Subject: an appreciation letter

Dear Dan & Monika,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you have given to me and my husband.  Your focus, attentiveness and dedication have helped us with our credit and we appreciate that. I would definitely recommend you and your staff to others that need help with their credit.  Nowadays you don't come across people that have your best interest in mind, but with you and your staff you have taken my file and treated it like it was your own.
-- Thank you. Janine and Paul G.

"Dan Sater more than delivered on his promise to raise my credit score. And in much less time than expected. His services have already paid for themselves." -- Steve Mena

Dear Mr. Sater,

I would like to extend a world of gratitude to you for your remarkable efforts in repairing my credit. Your diligent work and dedication to my case resulted in a significant increase in my credit score.

In addition to repairing my credit, and increasing my credit score, you have provided me with practical and valuable knowledge that I can now apply as credit best practices moving forward. Your guidance and direction over the past few months have proven to be of great value to myself and my family. I would like to again thank you for such outstanding service and let you know that you are highly recommended, not only for your expertise in credit repair but also for your commitment to also educating your clients on effectively managing credit. -- Arroya Farrell S.

Dan and Staff,

I want to thank you for making my life feel like it's on track to becoming normal once again. I did go ahead and apply for a credit card at Bloomingdales the other night after we spoke during the day.  I stood at the counter with a purchase of $40 in my clammy hand as if I was taking my SAT's all over again, the cashier looked at me and said "you've been approved".

You've never seen anyone cry over a department store credit card...

I've waited many years to accomplish this (because I know it's the beginning of good things to come) I thank you for all your patience and extra tips you've given me. I look forward to my future and to "owning" my own home one day. Thank you for a new beginning!! -- Jennifer

Hello Dan

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent credit repair service we just got approved for a mortgage and we are thrilled! This wouldn't have been possible without your service.  I let everyone know about your company including our Realtor about your great company! Thank you so much it feels great to have a fresh start on credit. 

Joshua and Jessica




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